Adding a Fence to Your Home: Considerations

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Are you looking to add a fence to your recently purchased home? Or just update the yard in your existing home? Chamblee Fence Company is here to help you get your dream fence. Chamblee Fence Company is your local fence company in Georgia. We help build varieties of fences like steel, aluminum, wood, and vinyl fences. We have worked in the fence industry since 1959 and have a proven track record for quality and professionalism. In this article, we’ll learn all about fences and what to consider before you decide to install a new fence.

What to consider before buying a fence?

The cost. How costly is the type of fence you are buying per foot? There are different materials options and style options that will work good on a tight budget, or if you have a strong need for a specific type of fence that costs a little more, you’ll have to take that into consideration.

Durability. How long will the type of fence last in local weather and temperature conditions? The best type of fence should be able to withstand the conditions it’s installed and any regular occurrences there such as strong wind, freezing temperatures, or humid conditions.

Materials. Are the materials chosen suitable for the type of fence needed? The materials selected play a major factor in the durability of a fence, as well as the security level you’ll be getting. Plus, you’ll probably want it to fit stylistically with your home or property.

Size of the compound. Buying a fence can be tricky if you don’t know the size of the place you are fencing. You should how big the perimeter that needs to be fenced is to be able to budget wisely and get enough materials. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with a big ole gap in your fence, and nobody wants that.

Labor involved. Hauling around large solid poles of cast iron takes a lot more effort than a lightweight vinyl fence, so it may be harder and cost more to install a solid iron fence. However, luckily, solid metal fences aren’t exactly in style these days and most metal fences you see have a tubular structure to allow for easier transportation and installation.

Maintenance. It’s always a factor when adding upgrades to your home, the maintenance. Fences need some love every once in a while too, and providing the proper re-sealing or re-painting of your fence to ward off rot, rust, or pesky pests is essential. You’ll have to factor in what type of maintenance your fence needs over time, since fences do last quite a long time.

Adding a Steel fence to Your Home

Talk about durability, and steel fences come to mind, Superman is the Man of Steel after all. Steel fences are long-lasting, strong, and can survive almost any condition and thus provide maximum security to your property or home. Steel fences are preferable for homeowners that require both safety and a great aesthetic value. They are relatively easy to install, so it won’t be a months long project.

However, steel fences have some disadvantages;

More maintenance. Steel fences require more maintenance and upkeep compared to other types of fencing to prevent them from rusting.

Steel fences are heavier than other fences. The weight of steel fences is pretty high, and so it’s harder to transport around as freely.

Steel fences may require professional knowledge to install properly. If a fence isn’t installed correctly it can drastically reduce its life.

Getting a New Aluminum Fence for Your Home

Advantages of Aluminum Fences

They are the more cost effective option when it comes to steel and aluminum. Aluminum fences are more affordable, so they may be a good choice for those with a tight budget.

Aluminum fences are less heavy comparing to steel fences and so are naturally easier to transport.

They are easy to bend into the shapes and sizes you require, allowing for a greater degree of customizability. Since it’s easier to shape, aluminum fences can make for a great decorative fence.

Aluminum fences are environmentally friendly and are more naturally resistant to corrosion and rust.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are less durable than steel fences as far as strength of the metal goes, so the security level may not be as high.

Aluminum fences do not provide privacy to your home or property since they are generally structured with spacing between the bars.

Wood Fence Consideration for Your Home

Pros of a Wood Fence

Wood fences are cost effective and are readily available since wood can be acquired from plenty of local sources. They are more lightweight and thus easy to haul into your backyard. This saves costs from extra labor and transportation.

They can be easy to decorate and paint, giving your home the exact desired look compared to other types of fences. Plus, you often get a nice natural wood grain that always looks great.

Wood fences can be customized since they just need to be cut into the appropriate shape and size. This allows for a huge variety of wood fences options regarding style.

Privacy is more assured when it comes to wood fences since wood fence panels can easily be stacked with little to no gaps.

Cons of a Wood Fence

Wood fences may require more maintenance than metal or vinyl options, since it’s susceptible to rot, termites, and extreme temperatures.

Wood fences may be more susceptible to environmental damage, so may have to inspect your fence after heavy winds, or a strong storm coming through.

Need a Vinyl Fence?

Perks of Installing Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are engineered to be long-lasting from a plastic material that is lightweight and easy to install.

They require less maintenance than other fences since they do not rot, dry, or sag like wood fences, and don’t rust like metal fences.

Due to the nature of a vinyl fence material, they are very easy to clean and maintain.

Readily available in different colors, sizes, and styles and are very customizable.

Cons of Having a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences may not be preferable in places with adverse weather conditions, like strong winds, or hail storms, since they may not be strong enough to hold on.

Vinyl fences can grow mold or fungus if left to the power of nature, and thus may require regular cleaning to avoid stains.

They aren’t as strong as metal and wood fences, so significant impacts may more easily damage the fence.

Here’s the Best Way to Install Your Fence

1. Get the right measurements for your yard and how much fence you’ll actually need

2. Choose the appropriate fence material for your needs, whether it’s to be very stylish, have a very strong and defensive security system, or keep your privacy up in your backyard.

3. Seek a professional fence installer’s help. It will help in the proper installation of the fence, which makes for a longer lasting fence, which means more value for you.

Installing a fence should not be hectic and time-consuming. Regardless of the type of fence you need, Chamblee Fence can take the hassle from doing the labor yourself and make sure your fence lasts a long time to come. Our professional fence installers work quick, clean and respectful to your yard. We leave the yard just as clean as when we came in, and leave you with a beautiful brand new fence. Call today to get a free fence quote.