How to Protect Your Fence from Harsh Weather Conditions

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As cold weather approaches, it’s important to protect your fence. The moisture present in the air and freezing temperatures can cause extensive damage. Here are some tips to protect your fence from harsh weather conditions.

1. Weatherproof your fence before the bad weather starts

If you live in areas where ice, snow, and other serious weather conditions are common, it is good to weatherproof your fence. If you don’t know how to do that, consult with a fence expert like ChambleeFence. They will give you recommendations on how to complete the work. You need to paint with a protective finish layer in case you have a wood fence. The fence posts should be braced to prevent knockdown from strong winds.

2. Sand down or replace rusted sections

No wonder, rust can corrode an entire fence quickly if you don’t repair it early. However, you can sand down small areas on a metal fence and seal it with a protective coating. If the surface is severely damaged, you may need to replace the damaged portions of the fence. You can consider using a rustproof coating as well.

3. Choose the right material for your fence

If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, choosing the right fence material can save you time and money. While wooden or metal fences are a common choice for many homeowners, PVC and vinyl fences are gaining popularity, too. If you want better performance, opt for a vinyl fence.

4. Ensure that the area around your fence is debris-free

Several things cause a fence to break or damage otherwise. It includes having a heavy object on the vulnerable areas of your fence. Therefore, keep the areas around your fence clean. Debris such as tree branches, garbage, piled up snow, and other items should be cleaned regularly. Bushes and trees near the fence can cause damage when the roots spread underground and tangle up with the posts.