Building a Fence on Uneven Ground

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Building a fence on uneven ground has some unique challenges, which is why hiring a professional is often the best way to proceed. If this is the situation that you find yourself in it may be time to call a professional for advice. There are a few approaches that you can take if you need a backyard fence on a slope, and one of our experts would be happy to go over them with you. The most common options are level topped fences, stepped fences, or racked fences. Any of these types of fences should serve your needs, so it’s usually a matter of what suits your house and yard the best. The one thing to keep in mind is that when building a fence on uneven ground there are some additional things to consider. Slopes add to the complexity of building a fence, and unless it’s built in the right way there may be issues with the longevity of a fence. A well-built fence is an investment that will add value to your home, which is why doing it right the first time to make it last is the smartest move.

Building On Uneven Ground Presents Unique Challenges

When you first start considering installing a fence in your front yard or back yard you might think of that perfect picket fence on flat ground. Well, while many houses do have flat yards and ground, Georgia is notoriously hilly in some spots and has plenty of bumps and slopes throughout many home’s yards. Luckily, there are a few tried and true techniques available to deal with uneven ground for fence installation, and we have plenty of hands on experience with all of these.

Level Topped Fence

Did you know that you can keep a fence level even when you are building it on uneven ground? This type of fence can be built if you have ground that doesn’t slope, but instead dips and rises. How do we do this? It’s actually a lot less complicated than it might sound, although there is quite a bit of work involved. The first step in building a level topped fence on uneven ground is to even the ground up. We do this by using soil to fill in uneven parts. For larger dips, we may use gravel and then soil on top. While it’s not the most complicated process, it’s important to remember that it involves hard work, and the soil and gravel have to be properly leveled for your fence to remain structurally sound.

Though this is only one approach to an uneven ground fence.

Stepped Fence

When you have a very steep fence line you have a few options when deciding what type of fence to have installed. Installing a standard fence isn’t a good fit in this situation since it results in a heavily sloped fence. Leveling the ground isn’t an option either because it’s impractical when you have a yard that has a steep slope that goes on for a good distance. That leaves you with a stepped fence. What is a stepped fence? A stepped fence is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a fence that has a series of panels that are arranged in steps. Now, while a stepped fence can be a great option for a sloped lawn, there is a significant drawback. A stepped fence has triangular openings at the bottom. These openings can allow pets and small children to squeeze through. Fortunately, this can often be fixed by adjusting the landscaping to fill in the gaps with dirt or other material.

The stepped fence is a classy looking fence that goes with many types of homes. It’s definitely an elegant solution to a sloping yard or landscape.

Racked Fence

A racked fence differs from traditional fencing in that the sections of the fence are installed in a specialized type of fence that adhere to the slope of the land. Typically aluminum material fences are the most easily rackable which allows flexibility in how a fence slopes with the ground. Standard aluminum fences can vary up to 6 inches for a slight slope, but specialized “racking” fence posts can vary 20 inches or 36 inches to suit more dramatic slopes. This allows each segment of the fence to be positioned at the optimal angle and align perfectly with no gaps between the bottom of the fence and the ground. A racked fence gives builders a lot of flexibility allowing us to create a fence for just about any type of yard, no matter how uneven the terrain. You might think of some rails on an outdoor stairway as a type of rackable fence.

A Combination of Techniques for Fences on Uneven Ground

There are a few different options to choose from, but many times the best way to solve the extremely varied and unique yards out there is a combination of techniques. Filling in some areas for a level-topped fence while adding a section of racked fence for more dramatic slopes isn’t uncommon. The end goal is to fence the entire yard, regardless of obstacles and uneven ground.

We Can Build A Custom Fence For Any Yard

If you think that using a combination of these different fencing options is the best fit for your yard, or just one type sounds perfect then we’d be happy to accommodate you. One of the many benefits of hiring an experienced fencing company to build your fence is that we create the fence for your unique yard. We’ve built thousands of fences on all types of lawns. So, there’s very little that we haven’t seen and dealt with before. We’d be happy to have our team of experts inspect your property and consult with you, so you can make the right decision when it comes to choosing a new fence for your property.

Why Hire Us To Install Your New Fence?

If you’re thinking of having any type of fence installed on your property it’s important to remember that it’s not just a fence, it’s an investment. A great looking fence that is durable will not only help to keep your yard secure, it will also improve the appearance of your home, and add value to it. We’ve been in business since 1959 because we offer excellent value. Our prices are fantastic, and the quality of the fences that we build can’t be beaten. If you’re ready to have a beautiful, long-lasting fence added to your property, give us a call today. We pride ourselves on our unmatched quality, great prices, and outstanding customer service. We invite you to talk with us before you make any decisions about having a fence built on your property. Once you do, we’re sure that you’ll decide to let us show you why we have a history of so many satisfied customers.