Post for fences, which ones to choose: varieties, differences and advantages

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When installing a new fence, one of the most critical decisions is the type of fence post. We recommend using steel fence posts at Chamblee Fence for their unmatched strength and durability. Steel posts have significant advantages over other materials, making them ideal for wood privacy fences.

Steel Posts Prevent Rotting

Unlike wood posts, which eventually rot and decay underground, steel posts for fences stand the test of time. Their sturdy steel construction resists deterioration while providing rock-solid support for attached fencing year after year. Steel posts exceed expectations on longevity over any wooden supports, leading to fewer costly repairs or replacements down the road.

Withstand Extreme Weather

Atlanta’s humid climate and occasional heavy storms demand posts to stay structurally intact despite drastic environmental factors over lifetimes installed. Steel posts withstand hot and wet weather conditions, avoiding warping, cracking, or eroding from rain and moisture like wood posts over time. No matter the extremes that are thrown their way, steel posts anchor fencing unphased by external forces that are degrading alternative materials prematurely.

What is the best concrete for setting fence posts?

While wooden posts often require complicated digging and cement pouring to stand upright initially, steel posts offer easier installation and do not require elaborate equipment or preparation. Their narrow shape allows driving steel posts directly into the ground using post driver tools, applying downward force until optimal depths are reached. This negates extensive cement or brace involvement and signifies quicker completion times, beginning fence projects without delay.

Most contractors recommend excavating holes 18-24 inches deep for standard steel fence posts before driving them down securely. Use a chalk line stretched across the tops of temporary wooden stakes, marking all post-hole positions first for uniformly straight outcomes. Check depths and vertical alignment periodically until every steel post extends properly down into the earth and rises plumb upwards, ready structurally supporting future fencing.

Mixing Concrete Collars

For added support and solidly bracing steel fence posts, Chamblee Fence advises accompanying each with small concrete collar mixings. Combine one part Portland cement with three parts gravel aggregate with water, forming a pourable mixture of rings surrounding posts underground. Pour wet concrete into holes surrounding inserted steel posts. Let fully cured concrete collars provide supplemental anchoring, keeping posts rooted against outside pressures for years and years.

In Closing

When prioritizing strength, hidden value, and ease of configuring the structural foundations upholding residential fences over time, look no further than durable steel posts from Chamblee Fence. Their unmatched advantages keep fencing securely bound, lasting decades despite Atlanta’s challenging climate. Discover premium steel post solutions perfecting the privacy fences encircling homes across the more excellent city region when strength and longevity rate atop project requirements continue forward.