What You Need to Know About Installing a Front Yard Fence

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Front yard fence

Front yard fences aren’t as common as backyard fences, but they are still a nice looking option for many home owners in Atlanta. A front yard fence for curb appeal is one benefit of having a fence installed, or to increase the safety of your family. Modern front yard fences also allow pets to play in the yard without the stress of worrying about them running off. However, before installing a fence in your front yard there are a few questions to consider.

Can I put a fence in my front yard?

You are the homeowner so you should be able to fence your yard, right? Well, depending on if there is a homeowners association or not there may be some regulatory rules about installing a front yard fence for your home.

The city or county you live in may also effect the limits on what kind of front yard fence you can build, or influence the height of the fence. You should also check with your city hall or home owner’s association if the fence requires a building permit.

General Fence in Front Yard Rules & How Tall Can My Fence Be?

While the rules will vary based on state, city, and county, there are some general guidelines when it comes to backyard fences and frontyard fences. Typically the limit of a fence in the front will be 4 feet high for residential use.

You must also build within your property lines, and if you build on the property line of you and your neighbor you could potentially split the cost of the fence if they are interested in adding a fence as well.

Fence Around the Front Yard Prohibited Materials

Many home owners want a fence that adds a beautiful decorative element to their home, but also serves a function such as security and privacy. Harmful fence materials are prohibited for homes like barbed wire and electric fences, but materials such as chain-link fences for homes is fine.

Front Yard Fence Materials

The classic white fence in a front yard is always a classy touch to any home. And having a matching front yard gate to complete the fence is a nice finishing touch to any high quality fence. Wood fences can also come with certain types of wood stains to keep the fence looking new over the years and increase the durability. Vinyl is also a popular choice as a fence material as it looks good, and is a low maintenance option for your house.

People also enjoy metal fence choices like aluminum fences, steel fences, and even wrought iron fences. And of course, you can always mix fence types for your yard to give an intricately designed look to the front of your house and give it an interesting landscape.

Benefits of Vinyl Fences in a Front Yard

Vinyl fences are extremely popular with home owners due to their low maintenance. Many of the additional benefits of having a vinyl fence are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable over time
  • Easy installation
  • Recyclable

Advantages of a Wood Fence

Wood fences are the classic fence for a residence, and are seen in many neighborhoods across Georgia. The advantages of installing a wood fence are:

  • Cost effective
  • Light and easy to install or remove
  • Can be painted almost any color paint
  • The shape and size are versatile
  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly

Metal Fence Advantages

Metal fences such as steel and aluminum also have their advantages, and you’ll see these types of fences commonly as well. A few reasons to pick a metal fence are:

  • Cost effective in the long term
  • Higher security factor
  • Low maintenance
  • Aesthetics of a metal fence

Rust with Metal Front Yard Fences

You might think metal fences are not the way to go because they’ll just rust in the rain. While this is true for steel in it’s natural state, finished steel can maintain their integrity for 15 to 20 years without rust. And with proper maintenance they can go even longer. Aluminum fences are extremely durable and can last for over 40 years outside, so is the choice of people who live seaside and are exposed to wind and salty conditions.

Whichever fence material you choose you should be aware of the costs and lengths of installation of each. You can get a quote for the fence types you’d like and compare them.

Researching Fences around the Front Yard

Other rules to keep in mind when envisioning your perfect front yard fence are that fences usually have to be set back 2 to 8 inches from sidewalks and property lines.

Entrances & Gates for a Front Yard Fence

Pathways to a fence add eloquence and functionality with your property, and will allow you to operate with your day to day activities. It’s a good idea to have at least one path that is large enough to accommodate larger outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers and garbage cans. Often times stepping stones are a nice visual indication of where the gates are and add charm to the entire piece.

Decorative Posts with a Fence

You can customize a fence with decorative posts and finials, and paint the fence a nice, modern color that matches your home style. Flowers and plants can also make your fence blend into the natural landscape of your home and give your fence project that added style.

Does a front fence add value?

You’re investing in your home when you add a fence to the front yard. You increase the aesthetic value, but also many times increase the property value. Who wouldn’t pay more for a home that has a nicely finished fence that complements the home nicely. Consulting with a professional fence company and understanding what kind of trends there are is a great start in your fence installing journey.

Being a Good Neighbor with Your Fence

Fences around your home impact your neighbors as well, so discussing your plans to build a front yard fence with them is the right thing to do. If they are in favor of building a fence as well, you can get an agreement in writing after property boundaries are professionally established.

You’ll want to be considerate of their yard, views, and general aesthetics of their home as well when considering your materials and heights.

How Climate Effects Your Fence

Certain materials perform better in certain climates. In Georgia it doesn’t get as freezing cold as it does in the north, so most fence materials are viable here. Persistent freezing cold temperatures can cause issues with some fences so they need to be installed with concrete anchors. If the environment is humid and wet much of the year then there are also considerations for how this will effect materials like wood.

What can I do to get started with installing my front yard fence?

Installing a fence can be more involved than it seems, and ensuring everything is up to code, and is set securely is important for the lifetime of your fence. If there are other factors with your yard such as driveway gates, stones, or various pathways or added features to your home, enlisting the help of fence professionals is recommended. Chamblee Fence has been professionally installing fences to the Atlanta and surrounding neighborhoods for over 60 years.

We’ve installed fences for the airport, the zoo, and many large companies such as FedEx and McDonalds. You can trust us to build your perfect fence exactly to your vision and specifications. Read a few of our customer’s testimonials to see what they have to say about our process. You can also get your quote instantly online or call us at (770) 648-2728.