Debunking the Top 5 Chain Link Fence Myths

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Fencing that is properly constructed, installed and maintained is critical to a property’s security, whether it be commercial or domestic. Certainly, businesses must take the right measures to carefully evaluate fencing solutions because the potential for financial loss from burglars and intruders is increased if suitable security steps are not taken. There are numerous options and methods to guarantee the safety of your company or residential area, but a chain link fence is an essential part of any security effort. Various security precautions, including such cameras, may assist in capturing the time when the property’s security is compromised, but a fence can simply deter somebody from trespassing the premises in the initial situation. Installing a chain link fence on your property has a number of advantages, and it’s often the perfect answer to your problems. There’s a reason why the military uses chain link fences to guard their bases, numerous individuals are satisfied with chain link fences quality and cost effectiveness. There are, nevertheless, also numerous myths and misconceptions out there that aren’t true about these kinds of fences, so we’re here to dispel those.

We’ll debunk five of the most common misconceptions regarding chain link fencing and explain why you shouldn’t be concerned about them when considering your chain link fence installation:


Some may say chain link commercial fences would not survive in harsh weather and climates, and the chain links wear down easily, particularly in wet or damp places. Of course, there are low-quality fences on the market that require a great deal of upkeep, but a professionally installed high quality fence from a reputable fence company will definitely last a long time. Primarily, rust-resistant galvanized steel chain link fences are necessary for the right durability for the job. Setting the supports in concrete during installation ensures that the sections remain solid even in heavy gusts that might otherwise topple other fences.


This has become one of the biggest popular myths surrounding commercial chain link fences. While there are some highly priced commercial fence solutions, chain link fences are generally affordable per square foot. Feel free to approach us for an estimate and let us know your requirements so that we can help you determine if chain link fences are suitable for you.


The belief that chain link fences deteriorate, corrode, and rust badly when exposed to the outdoors is a misconception that is somewhat true but ultimately proves to be a myth. Untreated metals will definitely rust if they’re left to be fully exposed to the elements. However, chain link fences are treated to withstand and endure Mother Nature and therefore will not see any signs of rust for many years with appropriate maintenance.


You might think chain link fences will rattle and shake with wind, making more noise than the steel, aluminum, or wood fence comparisons. However, the heavy gauge wire and robust structure of chain link provide a sturdy, and substantial fence that would be no louder than any other fence. You’re unlikely to detect any disturbance from your chain link fence except if you reside in a town where tornado or hurricane strength winds come through.


This is yet another chain link fence myth that has its roots and origins in the past. Previous fences were made of rust-prone metal, which meant they rusted more easily and would degrade and become unusable over time. Chain link fences are now constructed from modern grade metal that have been specially designed to resist rust. Numerous different chain link fences are vinyl treated and coated to prevent rusting and to remove any sharp corners of the fence that could cause scratches when handling the material. Sometimes galvanized steel chain link fences can be prone to rust, but they won’t begin to corrode for at least 10–15 years after installation. Although chain link fencing has a shorter lifespan compared to wooden or vinyl fencing, it is less costly in terms of maintenance and construction.



Whether a chain link fence conjures up images of a building site or a military grounds, it’s understandable that you might see it as a utilitarian fence. But from the other side, if you take a moment to customize, paint and maintain your chain link fence, it will look great and be just as good as any other fence. Allow a fencing contractor to walk you through your alternatives and other options as far as chain link fences go. You’ll discover that this misconception is easily debunked.


Certain people seem to believe that anybody can jump over a chain link barrier with ease. However, this is incorrect, because modernized fences can have extra added protection measures such as barbed wiring, extended heights, and much more.


This misconception stems from a commonly held belief about how a chain link fence is put together, and how a repair might be done on a damaged chain link fence. Chain link is both easier and less expensive to repair than wood, making it simple to keep your chain link fence looking great for longer.

Although chain link fencing may not be the choice of each and every homeowner that’s trying to safeguard their home, you might be astonished at how well it works in a modern setting.

We hope that busting chain link fence myths has been helpful to your decision making regarding your fence. If you ever decide to have your own chain link fence installed, please feel free to contact Chamblee Fence Company. We are a fence company serving the Atlanta metro community that installs and manufactures fences made of steel, chain links, wood, and vinyl. We’ve been established in the fence business since 1959 and have a track record of excellence and reliability. Call 770-396-4200 to get a free chain link fence quote now.