How Much for a Backyard Fence?

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So, how much does it cost to put up fence in your backyard? On average, plan to spend anywhere between $1,500 and $4,000 to fence a backyard. Most homeowners can expect to pay around $2,800 for a 150-200-foot fence, depending on materials, labor, and other issues.

Factors Influencing Cost

There are several different factors that can determine the cost of a fence for a backyard. Here are the most common.

Fence Material

The fence material is one factor that impacts your fence budget. The most widely used materials are wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain-link. They all have different costs. While wood fences are classic, they tend to cost more later as they require more maintenance. Vinyl fences are more expensive up front but require less maintenance and are more durable.

Fence Size

The total length and perimeter of your fence determine just how much material you need. Larger backyards will need more panels, which will cost more money, while small yards or gardens will cost less.

Fence Design

Some homeowners want custom fence designs or features like gates on their fences. The more design decorations you want, the higher the cost. Any complicated installation decisions, like building a fence on a sloped area, will also increase the budget.

Labor Costs

This part of your budget will vary depending on the company you hire and the location. Labor is a big part of the overall cost, so it’s recommended to get as many quotes as possible from different companies.

Fence Ideas for Backyard

When planning a fence, consider your personal needs. Some people want fences to give their homes privacy, while others want a simple picket fence to add some charm. Others seek highly decorative fences like wrought iron or living fences like bamboo. It is up to your personal preferences and your budget.