What is the best stain for a wood fence?

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Staining your fence is the next step after fixing it. In addition to making the fence more suitable to the overall exterior, staining is essential to extend your fence’s lifespan and hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs. Specifically, in the case of stain for wood fences, it helps to highlight the texture of the wood, giving a rough, natural look that doesn’t need to be painted over to look good. There are 3 main types of stains for a wood fence, and we’ll go over them briefly so you can find the right one for you.


Transparent stains are great for fences made from high-quality, beautiful wood. A stain like this leaves no aesthetic mark on the wood, allowing the fence’s beauty to be on full display.


This stain will work great for covering your fence, but it will require applying several coats, which will change the color of the wood. A slightly noticeable darkening of the wood will look great and provide more reliable protection than transparent stain.


Solid stains are the most protective, yet they also change the wood the most. They significantly darken the wood but also offer the best UV protection.

There are many considerations when deciding how much stain for a wood fence is needed, including the type of wood and whether it’s an oil or water-based stain. This determines how many coats you will need and what type of stain you will need. It’s important to choose the right stain so that your fence will last for years to come, like protecting an investment. Chamblee Fence Company can not only help you choose the right wood, but also teach you how to protect it effectively.