How to Choose the Perfect Fence Color to Complement Your Home’s Exterior

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When picking the color of your fence, it can feel easy to feel overwhelmed. The most common advice I’ve heard is to “match the fence with your shutters and your trim.” There is a ton more room for customization that most people miss out on unless they have somebody helping them along.

You need to pick the right material to match the aesthetics of your home and the level of maintenance you are prepared to do.

Choose the Right Material

For wood fences, you have to decide if you are preparing to stain them immediately. Keep in mind that different stains last different periods before they need to be reapplied. Transparent stains last around 2 years, while a solid stain can last from 3-5 years, depending on whether it’s oil or latex-based. If you choose to leave the fence unstained, you have to understand that it will turn to a light sea-colored greyish-green. It looks very natural. However, you won’t have any choice over the color it becomes.

When it comes to metal fences, the color choices are limited. The black is great for a modern look. Vinyl fences are on the other end of the spectrum in that you can choose a dark color. Still, they tend to fade, which is hard to repair/prevent this from happening. Vinyl fences are great for lighter colors and very easy to maintain.

Pick Up the Best Guide

Yards with fences give a complete look to your property. Whether you choose wood yard fences or other types, it’s crucial to have a good fence company with you every step of the way for guidance. At, you can take the first step by reaching out and taking advantage of their decades of fencing experience.