Proper Summer Fence Maintenance

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The Ins and Outs of Proper Summer Fence Maintenance

A strong fence can do so much for your property. It can make it look a lot more presentable to the neighbors and it can protect kids and pets in your household. If you want your fence to do its best all year long, you should prioritize keeping up with seasonal maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you have a steel fence, vinyl fence, aluminum fence or a wood fence, you should make it a point to zero in on summer fence upkeep. The following suggestions can do a lot for folks who want their fences to be dependable, strong and visually appealing all summer long, every summer.

Why exactly is summer fence maintenance critical? The summer season can pose a major problem for fences. Heat, rust and high humidity levels aren’t exactly the best for fence health. If you give your fence the attention it deserves, however, you’ll be able to keep the summer fence damage away.

Clean Your Fence Deeply

Grime easily accumulates on fences of all types. Your lawnmower may be the culprit, or your dog knock dirt onto your fence. Kids can also inadvertently dirty up a fence, too. Over time, dirt accumulation can do a number on the condition of your fence. That’s why it’s important to regularly clean your fence, and knock off any grime or dirt that’s built up on your fence. Inspect your fence and make sure there isn’t any rot or termite infestations. You should strive to eliminate these things quickly if you find them. Rapid intervention may be able to stop permanent fence damage. It’s a smart idea to do away with vines and weeds that may hurt your fence’s structure as well.

Don’t panic if there are parts of your fence that are tough to access using a standard garden hose, a pressure washer is a great tool for a fence deep cleaning.

Evaluate Your Fence for Any Possible Trouble

Dirt isn’t the only thing that can wreak havoc onto your fence during the summertime. Make a point to regularly check the state of your fence at the beginning of the summer. Are there any posts that are unstable? Do they lean away from your fence? Are there any bolts that aren’t firmly in place? Does your fence make odd squeaking noises? If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your fence at all, you should get it repaired before things get the chance to spiral out of control.

Make an effort to look for any components that are broken during your routine fence inspection. Don’t ignore any dents or cracks. These things aren’t just unsightly. they can, in many cases, trigger instability issues that can make your fence a lot less reliable.

Try Tree Trimming

There may be trees on your property that literally dangle over your fence. If you have trees like this, then you should definitely trim the overhanging trees. That’s because they are a risk to your fence and may eventually cause damage. Massive branches hanging over a fence can swiftly break and fall during strong winds. Plus, it can be a pain to have to deal with frequent leaf cleaning. If you trim your trees during the summer, you may be able to spare yourself fence damage in the future. Be sure to quickly get rid of any and all branches that are damaged, dead or on the verge of dying also since these can fall at any time.

Use a Sprinkler Defense

Are you a proud wood fence owner? If you are, you should give it some sprinkler protection. Sprinklers are great for easy lawn maintenance, but if they splash your fence over and over it can cause damage with time. If your yard is on the compact side, your can steer clear of sprinkler damage simply by using one of many modern sprinkler systems. Go for a system that’s equipped with updated features such as an adjustable range, or possibly take advantage of a drip irrigation system.

Go for Staining and Painting Your Wood Fence

Is your fence made out of a beautiful natural wood? Although wood fences are undeniably easy on the eyes, they call for occasional maintenance. It can often be beneficial to put primer or paint on wood fences. If your wood fence’s primer or paint is no longer doing its job correctly, rainfall and sunlight may be the reason. Nature is an unrelenting force on constructs we create, including fences, which is why paint and sealant wears off with sun and rain. It can be wise to repair any fence paint that may be chipping or fading noticeably. Seemingly minor paint repair work boosts fence longevity substantially. If you don’t want to have to deal with fence replacement for a long while, you should go the extra mile to make sure your paint and sealants are well kept and maintained.

The Perks of Fence Maintenance

Maintaining your fence, regardless of the specific time of year, can be intelligent for many reasons. It can make your outdoor space appear fresh, immaculate and welcoming to all. If you want to throw a festive gathering in your backyard in the middle of July, it can be great to have a fence that enhances your gathering space. No one wants to look at a fence with patchy paint work, or leaning, sagging posts.

Fence maintenance can save you a pretty penny as well. If you allow fence issues to get out of hand, you may end up having to deal with premature fence replacement. You may end up having to spend more on repair work, too.

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