Tips On Installing a Fence Post Without Concrete

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DISCLAIMER: Though you may be able to install a fence without concrete, at Chamblee Fence Company we install all our fences using concrete as a base for the best stability and durability of your fence.

Many people wonder if it’s viable to install fence posts without using concrete as an anchor and base. The answer to this question is yes, but it’s not easy. If you are installing a fence in your backyard, then this might be an easier job than most projects that require concrete work. There are many different types of fencing materials used for residential or commercial purposes, some of which cannot be installed without the use of concrete.

Before you purchase your fence, check out all the options available and make an informed decision on what material you want to use. You can check out the different fence materials types and their pros and cons here. In addition, you should research local rules in your area that might impose restrictions, like a home owners association or a county code. You may not be allowed to install a fence without concrete if it interferes with easements or fire lanes. If you’re installing a chain link fence, then this is not a problem because there is no digging necessary. You can also install vinyl fencing without concrete by using ready made posts and brackets.

How to Avoid Concrete When Installing Fence Posts

Here’s how it’s possible to install your fence posts without concrete:

First you have to figure out exactly where you want your posts to go. After you’ve selected the location use a shovel to remove dirt and rocks from the dig site, and make sure to dig at least 2 feet deep for a 7 foot tall post, and double the size of the post’s parameter.

After you’ve dug the hole you can dump 4 inches gravel into the hole and place the post in the hole as well. You have to be careful here to make sure your post is straight or it could cause instability in your fence in the long and possibly short term.

After the post is placed, add another two inches of gravel on top of the four inches once the post is completely level and straight. You’re literally setting the fence post in stone so this will finalize its position. After you have confirmed it’s definitely straight add the last few inches of topsoil, which can be the dirt you dug out of the hole in the first place. You can add clay to pack down the hole to a compact pile of dirt to seal it in.

Should You Set a Wooden Fence Post with Concrete?

If the previous method of gravel for a fence post doesn’t suit you, or doesn’t seem stable enough, then it might be better to just go ahead and install a fence with concrete for your backyard project. It’s always better to consult a professional fence company when using concrete for fences, since it can be more temperamental to work with than gravel.

Pros and Cons of Using Concrete to Install Fence Posts

The pros of using concrete for fence posts are that concrete is very durable and sturdy, so you can have peace of mind knowing your fence is well supported on a strong foundation. This makes your fence more hardy when enduring strong winds and storms. This also adds longevity to your fence since the base of the fence will be protected by moldy dirt and pesky insects.

With the extra life you get out of your fence, it will very likely be more cost effective to have a long lived fence than installing another fence if your old one wears down.

Concrete posts are also very low maintenance, because once they are installed properly little to no maintenance is needed after that.

The cons of using a concrete fence post are the budget for using them are more as an initial cost, since transporting and installing them is more difficult because of their weight. However, this is off set by the extra durability you get, so they cost evens out in the end.

Though concrete posts are near indestructible in good condition, if they ever chip or crack because of the earth movement this will allow water to seep into the post. Over time, this may potentially cause your fence to sag and fail.

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