Why You Need a Fence to Protect Your Home

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A fence is an important addition to any home for protection against malicious intruders, pesky animals, or nosy neighbors. A well-built fence will keep unwanted visitors from strolling through your property, plus it adds value to your home. There are many different types of fences available, so if you’re considering security as your top priority, you should consider durability as an important factor, as it will provide the most security and protection for your property.

A Security Fence Provides Peace of Mind

Once you have a fence around your yard you gain peace of mind, knowing that your property is protected. In addition, a fence can also keep wild animals out of your yard, which can be beneficial for both you and your pets. And if you have a garden this is a no brainer, as certain types of animals can really wreak havoc on a lovely garden.

Fencing for Home Protection

The type of fence is important to think about when you are choosing a security fence for your property. A fence that is too short will not provide much of a deterrence to potential burglars. However, it also isn’t necessary to have a fence that is so tall that it makes your property look like a fortress. A moderate height fence of about 6 feet can help to deter intruders from targeting your home. Ultimately, you should ensure that your fence is somewhat difficult to climb. This helps to provide extra levels of security to your home.

Another way to help deter potential threats is to install high quality locks on your gate. This is a necessity when considering security, as it prevents an intruder from simply reaching over the fence and unlatching the gate. In addition, a locked gate can also help to keep your children and pets safe inside your property. By taking this simple step, you can help improve the overall security of your home.

A security fence is a preventative step in your home safety and should be considered by all homeowners. Fences are one of the more cost-effective security measures a homeowner can undertake, and really it is the first and foremost step in setting up any kind of home defense.

A fence also serves as a visual barrier, keeping your yard space more private. However, a fence provides a physical barrier as well, making it more difficult for uninvited guests to enter your property. Of course, not all fences are created equal. A well-constructed fence should be sturdy and durable, and depending on if you are looking for a wood fence or metal fence, can come in many styles.

If you are concerned about privacy, consider installing a fence with slats or pickets that are spaced closely together. You may also want to install a fence with a taller than average height, which is between 6 and 8 feet high. By taking the time to choose the right fence for your needs, you can enjoy enhanced privacy and security for many years.

What is the best fence for security?

The material of your fence is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make in the fence installation process. For security fences, the three most popular materials are wood, steel, and chain link. Aluminum fencing and iron fencing are also good choices, though steel has some advantages over these as a metal fence option.

Wood Fence for Security

A wood fence offers homeowners unmatched privacy in their yard as the gaps between the wood panels can be completely closed off. This is a significant advantage over other fencing options as it prevents people from peeking in and provides peace of mind that you are secluded from the outside world.

Wood fences are also more affordable than metal fences; however, they are not as durable and are more prone to damage and wear and tear. Despite this, many homeowners still prefer wood fencing for the added privacy it provides. There are also many protective sealants available to help with its durability issue. Overall, a wood fence is a great fencing option for those who are looking for privacy and security on a budget.

Wood fence is also customizable as far as material goes since there are a near endless number of wood types. The most popular wood for security fences are:

  • Pine wood 
  • Spruce wood
  • Cedar wood
  • Cypress wood
  • Redwood

Steel Security Fence Benefits

A steel security fence is a great way to keep your property safe. The steel fencing is strong and difficult to cut through, making it near-impossible for intruders to enter your property. The steel fencing is also difficult to climb, so you don’t have to worry about someone scaling the fence to get into your yard. Additionally, steel fencing is a good base when it comes to integrating other security elements with your fence for perimeter protection. Whether you want to add gates, video surveillance, or access control systems in the future, you will already have the necessary steel fence infrastructure in place. So if you’re looking for a durable, safe, and secure way to fence in your property, a steel security fence is the way to go.

There is also little upkeep when it comes to steel fences, as they are treated to be corrosion resistant and you don’t have to worry about pests damaging the material. Steel is one of the most durable fence materials, so it is very difficult to bend, or break the fence and will last for a very long time.

Security Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are a good choice as a security measure, and many people choose them, including the American military. They are less likely to be damaged by weather and animals, and they are not as easily climbed as wood or iron fences. Chain link fences also have the advantage of being less expensive than other types of fencing, so if you have a large area to cover a chain link fence may look very attractive. Chain link fences do not require much maintenance or upkeep once they are installed. However, chain link fences don’t have the same barricade coverage as wooden or steel fences, and they have plenty of holes that don’t allow for any sort of yard privacy. You may also prefer a wood or steel fence for the aesthetic, though chain link fences come in many colors if you’re trying to match a certain look.

Consider a Security Fence for Your Home

A well-constructed fence around your home can provide a high level of security for your property and your family. Fences are the first step in keeping your home protected, and can also help to keep pets and children safe. If you are looking for a way to improve the security of your home, a fence may be the solution you need. If you need assistance in fence selection, or have any question regarding materials or the installation process Chamblee Fence can help guide you through the process.  You can call us at (770) 396-4200 today.