How to increase the height of a fence: vinyl, wooden, chain link?

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Has your trusty backyard or perimeter fence started feeling too short for comfort or privacy? Instead of going through the hassle of tearing out your existing fence and starting anew, consider options for safely and affordably “extending the height of a fence”, including explicitly investigating “how to increase the height of a chain link fence” — whether made of vinyl, wood, chain link or other standard materials. The professionals at detail clever techniques below tailored to boost different fence types upward by 1-3 feet without breaking budgets or requiring advanced DIY skills.

Extending Wooden Fence Height

For classic wooden privacy fences with planked panel designs, adding slender wood boards matching current styles and stain colors attached to the top proves a straightforward trick. Use exterior-rated wood screws angled through added boards into the tops of existing planks to anchor extensions level and secure firmly. Strategically stagger slight gaps between new and old boards to enable natural airflow, preventing mold or moisture damage. Capping new tops with weather-protective wood trim completes a seamless height extension disguising additions.

Raising Chain Link Fence Height

Compared to wood or vinyl, vertically expanding chain link fences require more precision but reward with added security and privacy, upgrading this classic perimeter fence style. After measuring overall dimensions, use metal fence pipe cut to the same lengths as the current corner and line posts over which new chain link mesh gets tightly stretched and securely affixed with fence bands and tension bars. Top off heightened chain link fences using pipe cap covers to sharpen aesthetics while protecting posts against precipitation deterioration or puncture hazards for added safety.

Boosting Vinyl and PVC Fence Elevations

For low-maintenance vinyl or PVC privacy fences, matching the original color and grade of fencing proves vital when introducing height extensions that blend rather than clash aesthetically…

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