Understanding the Cost Factors Involved in Fence Installation

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Yards with fences are one of those projects where spending extra money at the beginning of the process can save you exponentially over the years. You need to find a fence company you can trust, like chambleefence.com, because most people aren’t fully prepared for the costs of installing a fence. This is a good first step, and any good fencing company will walk you through all the expected expenses.

Initial Expenses

There are several commonly understood startup expenses to installing a fence, and a few that aren’t as well known. The first two costs that will represent a major chunk of your initial expenses are materials and labor costs. There are a few factors that can affect the pricing of both these expenses, so it’s important to check with each fence company that you are considering.

The most common types of fences, wood fences, metal fences, and vinyl fences, all vary substantially depending on the quality or aesthetic of the material. For example, wood yard fences can be the most expensive yet aesthetic. You also need to consider the components that make up the structure of a fence, such as gates, concrete for the base, and postcaps. These all can add up to a significant amount depending on the size of the property being fenced. One extra expense that many people forget to account for is the land permits. You’ll have to check with your zoning commission, but these also must be bought for the project to start.

Ongoing Expenses

The most expensive ongoing factor for fences is the maintenance of the fence itself. Poor maintenance can begin to add up very quickly. It’s important to discuss the maintenance options and the best way to protect your fence after it’s been installed before you choose a fence with your fence company.